A2 Sound Barrier is a solid silicone rubber, engineered to meet demanding requirements for flammability, smoke density and toxicity. It is used to block the transmission of sound and demonstrates excellent performance in low frequency noise reduction. Innovative filler technology is used to create superior flame resistance meeting the radiant panel flammability test JAR/FAR, part 25 25.853(a) Change 15/Amdt. 25-91.

  • Aircraft acoustic insulation
  • Aircraft flooring noise barrier
  • Noise reduction liner for interior panels
  • Rail interior noise blocker
Product Features
  • Fire retardant
  • Flame resistant
  • Good noise absorption
  • Low smoke/ low toxic gas emission
Quality standards
  • ABS 5708
  • JAR/FAR Part 25 25.856(a)
  • JAR/FAR, part 25 25.853(a) Change 15/Amdt. 25-91
  • Aerospace

Typical properties

Product Property Value Test Method
Polymer type Silicone ISO 1629
Colour Light Grey
Density (g/cm3) 1.64 ISO 2781
Areal Density (kg/m2) 1.2 to 8.2
Length (m) 5
Width (mm) 1000
Hardness 62 Shore A ISO 868
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 2.8 ISO 37 Type 2
Elongation at break 220% ISO 37 Type 2
Tear Strength 10.2 N/mm ISO 34 method C
Temperature stability (°C) -55 to +180
Flammability Pass JAR/FAR, Part 25 25.853(a) Change 15/Amdt. 25-91 JAR/FAR Part 25, App F Part I, Para (a)(1)(ii)
Flame propagation resistance Pass FAR, Part 25 25.856(a) FAR, Part 25, App. F Part VI
Flame penetration resistance in bonded condition Pass JAR/FAR, Part 25 Change 15/Amdt. 25-60, 25.855(c) and App. F Part III JAR/FAR, Part 25, Change 15/Amdt. 25-60, App. F Part III
Smoke Gas Components Pass AITM 3.0005
Smoke Density Pass AITM 2.0007
JAR/FAR 25 App F Part V