NewMet is a leading specialist in materials technology. We manufacture parts from technical materials based upon silicone foams and solid silicones, composites, polyethylene and other polymeric materials, adhesives and shielding materials. We also supply high-purity metals and chemicals and manufacture carbon-carbon friction components for aerospace applications.

High-performance materials
Typical applications of NewMet high-performance materials include seals and gaskets used, for example, in civil aircraft interiors, and thermal and acoustic insulation in vehicle interiors. We meet detailed specifications for customised shapes and 3D parts using CAD in conjunction with our cutting, moulding and extruding machines (more details here). We also offer a range of adhesive and masking solutions, including self-adhesive parts.

Advances in materials are a key element in product improvement. Our focus at NewMet is on supplying innovative materials, understanding our customers’ applications and developing custom-engineered solutions to give their products the edge. Our research and development activities are carried out in response to customer requests. The launch of extruded silicone grades and creation of a high-performance durable insulation material with low-flammability are both developments that resulted from customer demand.

Metals and chemicals
Our metals and chemicals division supplies more than 700 high-purity metal and chemical products including inorganic compounds, alloys, crucibles and single crystals. Many of these products are held in stock for prompt delivery and are primarily used for research purposes and small-scale manufacturing, particularly for processes like catalysis.

Carbon-Carbon friction components
Our carbon composite materials are valued for their controlled friction properties. The material consists of layers of graphitised carbon cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, which are subjected to repeated carbonisations, impregnations and chemical vapour infiltrations. The most common application for our carbon composites is within the aerospace industry where carbon fibre friction discs are used in flap jam systems. In addition, the friction properties and excellent high compression strengths of these materials make them ideal for use in other specialised applications.

Syntactic foams
Our syntactic foams are primarily used in the thermoforming industry. Syntactic foams are created through combining hollow glass spheres in a polymer matrix. They are ideal for use as plug assist tooling and their unique properties have seen them replacing more conventional materials such as wood, aluminium or felt.

NewMet at a glance
• Independent, privately-owned company
• Four manufacturing and development sites located across the UK and in Germany
• Produces silicone extrusions, gaskets, moulded, sewn, thermoformed and fabricated parts as well as other items manufactured from its high-performance materials
• Supplier of more than 700 high-purity metal and chemical products
• Manufacturer of carbon composite materials
• Active in research, testing and product development in response to customer needs
• Approved supplier to Airbus and many other leading companies.
• Exports represent 60% of turnover
• Quality certification includes ISO 9001 and AS 9100D

Parliamentary Review 2016/2017
NewMet features alongside the Prime Minister and key political figures in a publication that highlights organisations which have become outstanding leaders in their field. The main aim of the Parlimentary Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector. Click here to read more.