In 2017 NewMet celebrated 70 years of operations. Formed in 1947 as Newmet Trading Co Ltd, it became New Metals and Chemicals Limited eight years later. During the first three decades of trading, it established itself as a reliable distributor of metals and chemicals for leading producers and manufacturers.

Focus on advanced materials
During the 1980s, the company started processing silicone foam, expanding organically through identifying and developing new markets for its innovative products. It was at this time that the company’s products were first specified for the aircraft industry.

The materials offered benefits including fire retardance and low toxicity as well as excellent mechanical properties to give them a superior performance over traditional materials.

Growth through acquisition
Alongside organic growth, NewMet grew through acquiring companies that complemented and expanded its product base and provided knowhow or technologies to ensure the group retained its position at the forefront of materials technologies.

In the 1980s, NewMet acquired Fordath carbon-carbon production expertise and in 1986 started production of carbon-carbon components for aerospace. The following decade saw it acquire Koch Chemicals Ltd, the high purity metals and chemicals side of today’s business.

In 2000 the Surrey Group of Companies came under the NewMet umbrella bringing electro-shielding and anti-static products to the NewMet catalogue. Four years later, the paints division was established through acquisition of CS Marine and, in 2010, Packstat Ltd was acquired. This continues to operate from South Wales and focuses on adhesive tapes.

In 2012 the company’s silicone extrusion and fabrication capabilities were enhanced following the acquisition of an extrusion business that had been previously based in Germany.

In 2016, New Metals and Chemicals became NewMet Ltd. The name change reflected a business which has developed from its early focus on metals and chemicals and into advanced materials, manufacturing, technology and innovation.

In 2017 NewMet added a new, state of the art manufacturing centre in Norderstedt, Germany. The site is strategically located to best serve German and other continental customers and provides a considerable capacity boost to meet ever growing demand.