NewMet has four manufacturing and development sites located across the UK and in Germany. From these sites, we produce silicone extrusions, gaskets, moulded, sewn and fabricated parts and other items manufactured from our high-performance materials.

Our cutting, moulding and extruding machines operated in conjunction with computer-aided design facilities create customised shapes and 3D parts which meet detailed specifications from our customers. Other capabilities include laminating, slitting and hot-pressing. We also have a production tower for gallium-germanium shots.

We offer a range of adhesive solutions for our products, including self-adhesive parts. We undertake carbonisation and resin impregnation and conduct in-house product testing.

Product development to meet customer needs
NewMet is actively involved in research, testing and product development. Our manufacturing operations and product range continue to evolve and develop in response to customer needs. For example:

  • Our NMHPI material was developed to meet demand for an insulation material with defined properties.
  • Our extrusion/moulding silicone grades were developed in response to customer requests
  • Our five-axis water-jet cutting capability was acquired to meet customer demand for 3D parts.

Our customers are supported by a multi-lingual team with detailed knowledge and understanding of specifications and applications.